Why this petition

Surrogacy seriously violates the rights and dignity of women and children. Specifically:

  • Surrogacy is a contract that determines the conception, carrying, abandonment and the delivery of a child to one or more intended parents;
  • elle It uses and exploits employed women to carry an abandoned child it contributes to the gamete industry (trafficking of ova);
  • It seriously damages the best interests of the child, who is reduced to an object and whose paternity is voluntarily divided between the gamete providers, the surrogate mother and the intended parent(s) ;
  • It transforms procreation into a techno-industrial activity.

Call for the abotion of surrogacy
Because human beings are not objects,
Because they cannot be given, rented, or sold,
We ask the Council of Europe to commit to an effective prohibition of surrogacy.


Surrogacy is an exploitation of women; children are not goods to be bought, conceived and abandoned by their mother. It breaks their parentage. It is a form of human trafficking.

Surrogacy violates European and International law, in particular the conventions on the rights of the child (1989), on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women (1979), on the adoption of children (1967 and 1993), on human trafficking (2005) and on human rights and biomedicine (1997).

This is why we demand that :

  • The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in accordance with Article 65 of its Rules of Procedure, clearly condemn all practice of surrogacy itself, as contrary to the rights and dignity of people ;
  • The Governments initiate the drafting of a text expressly prohibiting any form of surrogacy in Europe ;
  • The European Court of Human Rights be the guarantor of women and children’s rights and condemn the practice of surrogacy as contrary to human rights.

The defense of human rights must adapt to new threats on humans. Europe must set an example for the universal abolition of the surrogacy.

Women and children are not objects !