The debates on surrogacy in the Council of Europe keep being revived ! A new report with a resolution will be submitted to the Social Affairs Committee.

Despite the obvious conflict of interests concerning the rapporteur of the report and resolution project, Belgian MP Petra de Sutter, the Social Affairs Committee of the Council of Europe has not dismissed her from this responsibility. Yet the first report she gave was rejected on 15 March thanks to our work.

She is coming back with a “revised” report which constitutes, again, a very dangerous progress towards recognition of surrogacy at European level. The very unusual conditions in which this report is brought back must be denounced: in camera procedures, lack of transparency of parliamentary works, text proposal kept secret.

What is at stake?

If this text were to be voted, it would be the first international document recognising the validity of the very principle of surrogacy. And de facto, it would make the fight against this practise much more difficult, both on French and international levels.

No Maternity Traffic calls for demonstration on Wednesday 21st September in Paris, from 8.15 to 9.15 AM in front of the Council of Europe, 55 avenue Kléber, 75016 Paris.

We reached a first step when the Council of Europe validated our No Maternity traffic petition, which gathered 100,000 signatures to demand the prohibition of surrogacy on a worldwide level. We have to show our determination until the end.