NO MATERNITY TRAFFIC and its fellow associations are rejoicing with women and children about the rejection by the Committee on Social Affairs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe of the project of report and resolution on surrogacy.

This project aimed to give a framework to surrogacy, that is to say, to allow it under conditions although this practice should not to be permitted under any circumstance.

The report was rejected by 16 votes against 15, and the project of resolution rejected by 16 votes against 14. The voting process is over now.

This project raised huge opposition, including No Maternity Traffic demonstrations in Paris and Strasbourg early this morning. It is now obvious that surrogacy, in any form, causes women exploitation and children trafficking. Moreover these children are partially or totally deprived of their parentage. 107,957 European citizens have signed the petition resquestiong  the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to ban surrogacy. This petition was submitted to the Council of Europe Presidency on Thursday 10th of March 2016.

Besides, a conflict of interest concerning the Rapporteur was revealed a few weeks ago. This conflict was not put to the vote, in spite of the Council of Europe’s Rules of procedures.

No Maternity Traffic keeps working to obtain the effective universal prohibition of surrogacy.

Images of the Press Conference and of the mobilization of No Maternity Traffic this morning in Paris

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