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No maternity traffic is an initiative launched by the International Union for the Abolition of Surrogacy (Union Internationale pour l’abolition de la gestation pour autrui). It calls the bodies of the Council of Europe to ensure the abolition and the effective prohibition of the practice of surrogacy as soon as possible.

The International Union for the Abolition of Surrogacy is dedicated to working through all legal means to implement the international prohibition of the commodification of the body, especially through surrogacy. The Union was founded at the initiative of national and European associations working for the respect of childhood, women, dignity and human rights, including the European Center for Law & Justicel’Appel des Professionnels de l’EnfanceAlliance VITA, FAFCE, La Manif Pour Tousl’Agence Européenne des AdoptésCare for Europe, European Dignity Watch, Fondazione Novae Terrae